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Custom Commissions

Whenever you commission something from Anson Maddocks Art, you are providing Anson with the opportunity to create something which has never been seen before. Anson has told me that he feels this is his primary role as an artist;" to create images within the minds of those who view his art which they otherwise would not have experienced."

One of our most fundamental policies at Anson Maddocks Art is to ensure that each client/collector who commissions artwork from us walks away with something even better than they had hoped for. We guarantee each custom artwork order by giving you the opportunity to view the results prior to shipping. In this way, you can be included in the process by providing feedback and having the final word as to whether or not you are satisfied. We welcome your honest opinion in each case and would much prefer to put in a little more work on something if it means you will come away feeling excited about your experience.

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Custom Artwork - Full Color Acrylic Proof Painting
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Card Alters
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Custom Artwork - Monochromatic Ink Proof Drawing
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Custom Artwork - Proof Pencil Drawing
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