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Stolen Artwork List, - Official Statement and Offer 8/7/19 - Updated 1/23/20

List of Anson's stolen artwork, taken from 2004 Seattle Police Report (#04-298873). Includes details of a temporary offer for those who possess these items which have yet to be recovered.

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Story of Anson and Brenda - Chapter 1 Portland Grand Prix

A personal history of Anson and Brenda - including our first Magic the Gathering Grand Prix experience!

Announcing Upcoming Appearance

The who, what, where and when of Puget Sound Battleground in Tacoma WA Saturday May 4th!

Welcome! Rewards for Your Help

Hello and thank you for visiting us here at Anson Maddocks Art! We are pleased to have you as our guest. I am Anson's business manager, Brenda, and...