Card Alters

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One of the services available at Anson Maddocks Art is the opportunity to have your collectible game cards artwork customized with something uniquely hand-painted by the original Alpha artist, Anson Maddocks. A standard card alter will be confined to the existing area designated on the card for artwork. This is in order to preserve it's play-ability in a tournament.


It is recommended that you first create a login account with this website, so that your shipping address will be on file and your order status can be easily viewed at any time. We will never spam you, nor sell your information to a third party.

PRICING: We require payment in full before beginning any custom artwork. The price for alters is $100 each.

All altered cards will be returned with it's own Certificate of Authenticity at no additional cost.

Revised Serendib Efreet Alters: Anson is no longer providing this service.

GUARANTEE: Anson Maddocks Art guarantees the results of any prepaid commissioned artwork by providing you with the opportunity to view the art before it is shipped. We welcome your feedback and if for any reason it does not meet (or hopefully exceed) your expectations, Anson will rework it until it does! Our primary goal is to have happy collectors/customers and so we welcome your honest opinion.  Only once you have approved the end product, do we create a Certificate of Authenticity and then ship it to you!

 EXAMPLES: To view previous examples of custom card alters, please visit our Instagram page at the link below:

Anson Maddocks Art on Instagram


You may mail your Anson Maddocks cards to:

Anson Maddocks Art

PO Box 3554

Pahrump, NV 89041

Anson prefers to not alter other artist's cards/work, nor will he sign cards which have been altered by another artist - Thank you for your understanding regarding this.

If you have any questions at any time, please feel welcomed to email or to initiate a live chat with me. I am happy to help!