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Here we will attempt to keep you updated with the most recent articles, press and interviews with Anson Maddocks & Anson Maddocks Art. If you have a suggestion for this page or would like to request your own interview, please contact or by utilizing the live chat feature here on this site.


2/2019 Blog Post "Maze's End" by Magnus De Laval

Magnus De Laval, a pillar of the Magic Old School Community, has been blogging for quite some time now at This site is a gold mine of information and articles about everything Old School. Please check it out -You won't be disappointed!

The above link explores some never-told-before backstory about 2 of Anson's most iconic Magic artworks; Cyclopean Tomb and Llanowar Elves.


1/16/19  BigAR Interview with Anson Maddocks

BigAR offers free card scanning software to help you manage your trading card collections, build decks and check current prices. This is a great interview piece!


 8/16/2017 The Cardboard Herald - Episode 41 with Anson Maddocks

Founder of The Cardboard Herald, Jack Eddy, is a guy doing a LOT of great stuff with tabletop games across the board (sorry I couldn't resist!) A fellow native Alaskan, Jack Eddy interviews Anson Maddocks and delves into all sorts of topics. You can download the almost 60 minute mp3 archive at this link or just have a listen. While you are there check out The Cardboard Herald's game reviews, Youtube channel and podcasts. :)  (We are pretty certain this guy does NOT ever sleep!) ha ha!


6/2017 The Blueberry Encyclopedia - Interview with Anson Maddocks

A wonderful tribute site to the legendary artist Jean Giraud, aka Moebius. The Blueberry Encyclopedia solicits an original illustration by Anson Maddocks to honor Moebius and then includes an in-depth interview with Anson below the commissioned artwork. Besides the amazing art of Moebius, this site has a vast array of artwork from many talented artists and is well worth a browse!


2016 Nebraska's War 4.0 in Camaoire, Italy! with guest artist Anson Maddocks