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Hello and thank you for visiting us here at Anson Maddocks Art! We are pleased to have you as our guest.

I am Anson's business manager, Brenda, and like most everything I know and do, I am self-taught. This applies to everything from building websites, managing an artist, and home plumbing repairs to cutting my own hair.  Being self-taught has many benefits but the learning curve can often be painful. For this reason, I welcome your participation in creating and maintaining this website. Please feel invited to point out any typos or inconsistencies or anything else you feel would be an improvement to your experience here. There is a lot of content and I often work long hours so we feel your help with this should be rewarded!

For each correction submitted via live chat or direct email, we will award you with $5 off your next purchase (up to 50% off total order). That's like money in the bank, baby! 





**Anson Maddocks Art reserves the right to dispense this discount at our sole discretion.

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