Disintegrate (Time Spiral) Artist Proof

Disintegrate (Time Spiral) Artist Proof

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From Time Spiral/Time Shifted Set of Magic the Gathering, "Disintegrate" is a black-bordered reprint of the Alpha version of the card.

This artist proof will be signed on the front by Anson in black ultra-fine Sharpie. If you wish to personalize your artist proof collection or enhance your investment, you may choose to add custom artwork to the blank back side. 

To see examples of custom artist proof artwork, please visit our Instagram page at the link below:

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Artist proofs are extremely rare and collectible and therefor are priced according to availability. As the number in our inventory decreases, the price will increase. Once they are gone, the only way to obtain a copy will be from the secondary market of other collectors.

 Should you have any questions regarding custom artwork please feel free to email brenda@ansonmaddocks.com or begin a live chat session with me!