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Combat Medic Artist Proof

Combat Medic Artist Proof

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The art for Combat Medic is a favorite of mine...and Anson, too! Although it isn't a particularly sought after card for it's game playability, the ideals being conveyed through it's art are what makes this exceptional. The loyalty of the beast upon which the medic rides is unequivocal. It is willing to place itself it harms way to serve her without a second thought. The medic is looking backwards because of all of the injured she must ride past in order to reach her target. She is torn because to her all life has value, but she must follow her orders and prevent damage to only the one.

One of the rarest types of Magic the Gathering cards, artist proofs (in most cases) are limited to a maximum number of 50 in existence. They can only be sourced from the artist and are often purchased with commissioned sketches or paintings on the their blank white backs; giving collectors a more sought-after and personalized version of the card.  When ordered with custom artwork your proof will come with it's own Certificate of Authenticity. Choose custom artwork from the drop down menu above.

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