NFT Art Drop

Available on the Tezos blockchain for the first time ever, are newly minted NFT artworks by Anson Maddocks beginning 1/23/22 and Brenda Maddocks starting 1/24/22. You can place your bid for the exclusive 1/1 Foundation Edition and/or also find 1/100 limited Signature Editions here on 

Here are the first two artworks coming this weekend:





World Famous Fantasy and Sci-Fi Artists Make Their NFT Debut. January 18th Auction on Bid on Verses TCG Cards Featuring: Anson Maddocks, Pat morrisey-Lewis, Stephan Martiniere, and more.  

Elite artists and game designers have teamed up to offer NFT artwork at auction in partnership with The artwork will be featured as part of a new Trading Card Game Verses–on the Tezos blockchain. Beginning January 18th through April 2022, Verses will make daily drops of ultra-rare editions of artwork by legendary fantasy, science fiction, and gaming industry artists: Stephan Martiniere, Pat morrisey-Lewis, Drew Tucker, Cornelius Brudi, Jeff Laubenstein, Julie ‘Spoops’ Myrfors, Anson and Brenda Maddocks, Ken Meyer Jr., and Brian Snoddy. 

Highlights of these artists’ careers include digital art for movies like “Suicide Squad” and “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” illustrating Magic: the Gathering cards, and laying the visual foundation for games like Battletech, Earthdawn, and Shadowrun.
Starting January 18th through April 2022, there will be auctions for the 1/1 Foundation Edition and 1/100 Signature Editions. These will be beautiful ultra-rare collector’s items and playable in the TCG as ‘full art’ cards. These NFTs are more than showpieces for your collection. They're playing cards that have entertainment utility built into them. Additionally, this is the NFT debut for some of the world's best fantasy and sci-fi artists. Their art is already highly prized and sought after. But you couldn't buy an NFT of their work until now.

A choose your own adventure narrative experience will accompany each drop. Each Foundation piece of art describes a discovery or incident of the Para Initiative, an organization of interversal explorers. The Verses community will vote on how the Para Initiative agents respond. These choices lead to permanent changes in the lore of the Verses, name selections for cards, and contribute to establishing their game mechanics. 
Owning Verses NFTs allows: cosmetic modifications, logging card histories, securely staking other players with cards, and more…

The Verses design team includes industry veterans: Daniel Burdick, Sam Black, Alex West, and Zac Elisk with advice from Zvi Mowshowitz. Between them the team has experience developing Magic: the Gathering, Eternal, Elder Scroll: Legends, DC Dual Forces, and many other game projects.  Verses will be playable on any web-enabled device, including PC and mobile. Betas are targeted to occur in Q4 of 2022 and Q1 of 2023.Common versions of game cards will be revealed and go into production when the game is released in early 2023.

Verses offers a MultiPass giving you a beta key, a private Discord channel invite, and access to other exclusive events. To claim your free Multipass, join our Discord, then share and promote Verses on Twitter by 1/17/22.

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