MTG - Santawar Elves (Unpublished - Unglued II) NFS
MTG - Santawar Elves (Unpublished - Unglued II) NFS

MTG - Santawar Elves (Unpublished - Unglued II) NFS

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This original artwork was created by Anson in 1999 for Unglued II Expansion. It is acrylic gouache and ink on archival cotton rag illustration board. Dimensions are 7 inches tall by 8.5 inches wide.

From an article by Mark Rosewater, "Unseen 2: Electric Bugaloo":

Santawar Elves
Creature – Elf
2G,T: Choose and roll a six-sided die. If you roll a 6, sacrifice CARDNAME. Otherwise, that creature gets +X/+X until end of turn where X is the number rolled.

This card came about because one day it dawned on me that in pop culture there are a number of different types of elves. Wouldn't it be funny if we took a Magic elf (a Llanowar elf in particular) and put it in the place of a different type of elf. After thinking through all the options—making cookies, secretly fixing shoes at night, etc.—I decided to choose one of Santa's elves.

The card mechanic was playing around with using a six-sided die. The reason this card never made it to Unhinged is twofold. First, as I've said, Unhinged didn't use any six-sided dice. Second, this card ended up being too similar to the card Free-Range Chicken from Unglued. The one thing I'm not sure of looking back is why I didn't use the card concept and art and just make a new card to match.